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Jamie Norwood (LA '15)

Apr 02, 2021

Jamie Norwood (left) co-founded Stix in 2019, a company on a mission to transform your health experience, starting with direct-to-consumer pregnancy and ovulation tests. Before starting Stix, Jamie was on the founding team of Hungry Harvest where she built and scaled the customer experience and product departments. Jamie received her BA in English Literature from Tulane University and is a Venture for America alumna.

Female Entrepreneur, DisruptHER and Tulane graduate, Jamie Norwood, along with co-founder Cynthia Plotch, founded Stix a women’s healthcare brand that is shaking up the archaic industry of pregnancy and ovulation tests. The mission is to help women feel comfortable purchasing health products they need but dread buying. Beyond the products, there's also the Stix Library, an educational space for women to learn about their sexual health, from conception and STDs to sex advice and birth control. Many of the blogs feature the writing and personal stories of Norwood herself.

Since launching in 2019, the company has been featured in Forbes, Medium, and Shape.com. Norwood and Plotch have been lauded for recognizing the lack of privacy for women purchasing products like pregnancy tests, UTI medication, and birth control and launching a business to create a solution. However, Jamie has stated that their goals are higher and include helping all women have easy access to important information about their health. “At the core of what we are doing, we want to make women feel more comfortable and safe when it comes to their health decisions,” says Norwood.