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Fridays at Newcomb: Bethanee Bryant

Uptown Campus
Anna Many Lounge

Title: “Being a Young Professional Woman of Color”
Bio: Bethanee Epifani, a 2010 graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, is the ultimate communicator, with a great interest in inspiring today’s young people to discover their gifts and live their best lives. Bethanee shares vital life principles of self-love, self-determination, and self-actualization. Bethanee’s desire to share and uplift comes from her own past emotional and mental struggles. Now, having overcome those obstacles, Bethanee is passionate about sharing what she has learned with others in an effort to empower and equip them to overcome and/or completely by-pass potential stumbling blocks. Bethanee shares her story in her book entitled: My Quarter-of-a-Century Life Lessons which will be available in limited quantities during the program.

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