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Book Clubs

Newcomb regional book clubs take place every fall and spring semester. The aim is to bring alumnae together in each city for an evening of conversation. Contact with any questions.

The spring 2018 book is The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit.

Overview: In a timely follow-up to her national bestseller Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit offers indispensable commentary on women who refuse to be silenced, misogynistic violence, the fragile masculinity of the literary canon, the gender binary, the recent history of rape jokes, and much more.

Spring 2018 Book Clubs

San Francisco, CA - April 7, 2018

San Diego, CA - April 12, 2018

Minneapolis, MN - April 22, 2018

New Orleans, LA - April 24, 2018

Dallas, TX - May 8, 2018

Alexandria, VA - May 24, 2018

Denver, CO - June 3, 2018

Houston, TX - June 5, 2018

Phoenix, AZ - June 10, 2018

For more information, contact
Geneva Longlois-Marney